To Jump or Not to Jump?

So today our three year year old son has been off the hook. He cannot settle down and has done enough jumping to make even Richard Simmons look bad. It started off when my wife caught him first jumping in our three month old’s crib (thankfully he was not in it). After getting in trouble for that he then dares get into out 11 month old’s crib (yep he was in there at the time). Both times I guess he was trying to figure out which mattress was most like a trampoline. Hence the jumping started last night and has continued since his eyes opened this morning.

To add to all of this our 11 month old has a new word “go”. So the oldest starts jumping and he sits there cheering him on with “go, go, go”. All I can do is look at them and say wow. I mean how do you stop this?! I tell them to stop and then he starts cheering me on with “da,da,da,go,go,go”.  I have decided not to fight this. I mean how long can a three year jump right? So far it has been 7 hours and yes the 11 month old is still just a cheering little fan. I think he is making fun of his older brother but he is to busy jumping to notice it. Maybe I will make him count every time he jumps and at least add some education to it right?! Oh well as much as my wife is going to hate it if it does not stop soon I am just going to have to join them. On that note expect pictures soon!



My Three Sons

I have the most awesome sons. I have three sons, three and under. My house is always bouncing with babies. The diapers, spit-ups, colic, and such is crazy but so worth it when one of my sons runs around saying “Daddy help me with …”, or I hear a Dada from one, or my littlest looking up at me while getting his bottle with those big eyes. My boys do not know that I am trans and they do not care. They know that I am their Daddy, I love them, and they can come to me for everything! If babies can realize this anybody can. To them I am Super Daddy who yes, happens to be trans.

Adventures of Super Trans Dad!

This is a wild ride so please keep buckled up and be advised upon reading this amusement blog readers may experience the following emotions…happiness, extreme laughter, tears of both sadness and joy, empathy and sympathy and a range of others. If you are close minded or faint of heart it is okay keep reading and we might be able to change that. So sit back, hang on tight and enjoy the Adventures of Super Trans Dad! Stay at home Trans Dad of three boys all three and under, a beautiful Femme wife (spoiled may I add), two adult kids we somehow inherited and all this while going through transition.

Gay Straight Femme... Say What?!?

The every day life of a gay turned straight femme married to a transman.



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